Yearly Archives: 2014

How to Motivate Young Professionals

A cursory google of “How to Motivate Young Employees” pumps out a seemingly infinite number of listicles on how to relate to and influence young professionals. As many managers have learned, interacting with a generation that has grown up using Google as a verb, and reads the term listicle without a second glance can be…

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Preparing Useful Financial Projections: The Risk of Wearing Rose-Tinted Glasses

You have just completed your annual strategy session and your management team has developed five year financial projections… the growth is remarkable, profitability is amazing… but you’ve been through this before and know that it may not end up that way. How does this happen and what’s the downside of overstating projections? It’s great that…

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Transitioning Your Family Business or: Who Gets the Jets Tickets?

Less than 25% of family businesses survive to the third generation. That’s a disturbing statistic which highlights the difficulties with transitioning ownership to children and grandkids. As the saying goes, “failure is an orphan and success has many fathers”. Successful transition to the next generation requires a thoughtful and well managed process beginning with an…

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My Bank Doesn’t Get Me

“My bank doesn’t understand my business…” Many of our clients express this sentiment about their bank, whether they have been in a long term or short term relationship. Based on discussions with friends and relatives, many business owners believe that the grass is greener at another bank because “their brother-in-law/neighbour/work-out buddy” has a better interest…

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