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Acquisition Company


Quarterback due diligence for material acquisitions. Provide accountability and reporting.

Our Process

Acumen has worked with Acquisition Co for over four years providing due diligence services. This includes creating a timeline, responsibilities and managing the due diligence process. Acumen uses the Acumen Dataroom to manage the due diligence process. The target is provided with a comprehensive checklist and uploads all documents to the Acumen Dataroom.

Key Successes

Acumen ensures that all members of the team stay on task and time, managing environmental and property assessments, financial due diligence, legal due diligence, review of material agreements and customized reporting. The Acumen Dataroom has proven to be an excellent tool for managing special due diligence projects as well as cataloguing corporate documents for clients to maintain an online library, with over 200 users.

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Acumen is compensated through fixed fees, success fees, a percentage of equity, hourly rates or a combination.


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