Case Study
Retail Company


Owner of retail operation wanted to sell and maximize purchase price for the business.

Our Process

Acumen was approached by a retailer who had a profitable retail operation (Retail Co). The owners wished to sell and had an offer that they were unhappy with as they felt it undervalued the company and there were too many strings attached (earn out and long-term consulting arrangement). Acumen did its own due diligence on Retail Co and put together a selling document and financials that reflected the value of the company from a synergistic perspective for the right purchaser. We then researched the market and identified key potential target acquirers.

Key Successes

We were able to negotiate a transaction for close to double the original purchase price with no earn out and no long-term consulting arrangement. The transaction was successful from both the vendors’ and acquirer’s perspective. The background work that was done at the outset through due diligence and careful research, made the difference between a mediocre offer and a desirable offer where both parties were happy with the end result.

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Acumen is compensated through fixed fees, success fees, a percentage of equity, hourly rates or a combination.


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