Case Study
Tech Company


High Growth client with requirement to optimally leverage multiple opportunities and build stronger infrastructure.

Our Process

Acumen has provided a broad array of services to a technology company (Tech Co) for over three years. We started our engagement by treating Tech Co like an acquisition target. We provided them with a due diligence checklist requesting documents that allowed us to understand their corporate structure, financial position, key agreements, marketing material as well as intellectual property. These documents were cataloged in the Acumen dataroom and are constantly updated. This allows easy access to corporate documents to quickly gain knowledge of Tech Co.

Once we completed our “due diligence review”, we managed a strategic planning session with senior executives and from that session created a business plan with financial projections.

Key Successes

Supported the company in advancing their business plan in the following areas:

  • Enhanced financial reporting
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Debt restructuring
  • Equity raises
  • Incentive Compensation plan- Executives, Sales initiatives and other
  • Joint Venture and Licensing Strategies
  • Restructured Board to enhance corporate governance
  • Recruited Board Members and non-Executive Chair

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Acumen is compensated through fixed fees, success fees, a percentage of equity, hourly rates or a combination.


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