Acumen establishes a complete plan with your internal management, working with your team to define corporate growth objectives, conduct a detailed analysis, prioritize opportunities and create a complete execution strategy. We ensure the strategic plan has a timeline, defined objectives, responsibilities and detailed results to drive the best possible outcomes for your company.

Succession Planning

Our team develops your succession plan by factoring in your objectives and all financial, legal, business and personal considerations when executing on a succession plan strategy. By taking a collaborative approach, Acumen helps you avoid the challenges that can be associated with succession and transfer of ownership by managing expectations and outcomes.

Corporate Governance

Acumen guides management in establishing and recruiting a professional board and reporting structure to position your company for future integration and growth, including reporting, management and communication.

Sales and Marketing

Acumen will review your current sales delivery structure, analyze and develop best practices and provide a strategy to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. The team will research new markets for you and provide a plan for development that manages your risk and provides a base for future growth.

International Expansion


M & A

M & A Structuring

Acumen provides creativity, insight and expertise in negotiations, financing structure and project management. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, we position your company to maximize the value for a transaction. Acumen leads the merger and acquisition function, introducing you to potential targets, negotiations and closing transactions.

Due Diligence

Our team supervises legal, financial, environmental and business due diligence to properly assess an acquisition. We also manage the data for your due diligence transaction in a secure and confidential online environment.

Acumen Data Room

Our Acumen Data Room is a simple, smart and secure solution that allows you to easily execute on all of your due diligence checklist items, and turn your files into a searchable and secure online database – no hardware, software or personal programming needed. Access the Acumen Data Room.


Acumen assists with structuring third party licenses including guarantees, royalties and marketing plans. Acumen has particular expertise in analyzing sports and entertainment licenses for the North American market.



We access the right partners from our deep network of financial institutions and private equity relationships to help you raise the capital needed to drive your business to the next stage of growth. Acumen also has experience with alternative methods of financing, including accessing government funding or subsidies that may be available to companies in your industry.

Financial Analytics

Acumen uses an in-depth understanding of your business to develop the analytics necessary to make effective management decisions, and supports your internal accounting team through transactions outside of your regular business operations.

HR Structuring

Management compensation structuring and having the right person for the job influences the success of your strategic plan. By working with your goals in mind, Acumen can use a human resources strategy to enhance your strategic plan.

Sales Force Structure and Distribution Solutions

We assist with execution of sales and marketing strategies, monitoring implementation and internal adoption with management reporting. Acumen also supports the execution of your international endeavours by recruiting local talent, monitoring activities and ensuring integration into your organization.

Strategic Implementation

Acumen follows through with the strategic planning process by supporting you and your team through the implementation stage to ensure you realize your goals.

International Platform


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Acumen is compensated through fixed fees, success fees, a percentage of equity, hourly rates or a combination.


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